Nyima Dolker

Nyima Dolker is very clever. Her parents never have to tell her to do her homework because she knows it is her duty.

Remembering Tibet

These mountains remind me of Tibet. I never got the chance to take a photo in Tibet so I took this picture of the mountains in Dharamsala. It is a beautiful and peaceful place.

An Ancient Symbol

This is a Tibetan cake with an ancient Buddhist symbol of harmony and balance. We made the cake with cheese, butter, sugar and jam. It was delicious.


This is Tashi. He is the manager of Lha as well as a great yoga master.


In my free time I watch a lot of TV. This woman was reporting the news.

Two Cool Dogs

One dog is my landlord's and the other is mine. I bought him from a poor Indian family when he was very young. Now he is big and clever and eats everything.

Landlord’s Daughter

This is my landlord’s daughter coming out of their kitchen. It is always nice and warm in there because they cook with wood instead of gas.


This stupa in Nepal is very special for Tibetan Buddhists. We go there to wish for peace. I took this photo to help me remember my culture.


These goats living in the hills of Dharamsala remind me of Tibet. They don't have a house to live in but they are still peaceful and happy.


The clouds on the other side are so beautiful.